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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

It seems to me that everyone in the developing world is an entrepreneur. Even in the US and Europe, working for an employer in a corporation is a relatively new invention, and most people in SE Asia and Africa, with the exception of desk jockeys (and even then we still met lots of those who […]

Photo Gallery: Northern Vietnam

KC and I were joined in early January by our friend, Marie, a middle school science teacher from Oregon who is also  globe-trotting and has been terrorizing tweens with the scientific method in a prestigious Seoul international school for the past 3 years. Sa Pa Gallery We headed north to trek for 3 days in […]

Where are Your Manners?

“Where are your manners?….Were you born in a barn?!”   Apparently in Asia people would have thought I was. Some things are done a bit differently over here and even though I thought I was being perfectly mannered (Yes Mother, I was paying attention all those years,) certain western etiquette flies in the face of Southeast […]

A Glimpse of Medical Tourism in Vietnam

KC and I have managed to stay healthy (knock on wood) these past 2+ years, but we’ve needed to see a few doctors along the way: a yellow fever shot required to get in and out of Zambia; a crown to replace an old filling… that sort of thing. KC had an old hernia injury […]