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The Nomads’ To Do List

A few months ago, while Skyping with my sister, Danielle, I commented that it was time to move to a new country within a few weeks, so we were busy prepping for it. She asked, genuinely curious, “So what does that mean? I assume you each have one backpack, so you pack it up and […]

How Slow Can You Go? Telecommuting from Africa

Here’s an informational post for readers who may be considering a trip abroad where they want to stay in touch with work. Last week, I stumbled across an article on BBC’s news site describing a new method of data transfer that will allow Internet speeds as fast as 400,000 Mbps (4 Gbps).  I almost cried. Do […]

Letter from a Jilted Lover

[Dedicated to KC, who insisted on bringing a backup laptop even when I laughed at him, and Daisy, who’s been appropriately sympathetic over the past 3 months.] Blip bleep bloop. What’s the scoop? Haven’t I treated you right? Even bought you extra gigabytes. Then just when warranty expired, Your motherboard got tired. I had hoped […]

How We Made It Happen

For those considering this type of adventure, here are the nuts and bolts of how we found ourselves, within ten months, living abroad. 1) November 2011–  Boots-n-All hosted a Meet Plan Go symposium in Portland. This planted the seed. We listened to others who had taken a career gap year.  On the way home we analyzed […]