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Sounds of This Place: Bali

On his way home from surfing one day, KC switched on his recorder as a funeral procession passed on the street.  This quote from Desmond Slade, a South African expat living in Bali, discusses the recurrent ceremonies on Bali: Visitors may be perplexed by the numerous street processions and the little offerings left at seemingly […]

Sounds of This Place: Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

Here’s a companion piece to KC’s journal entry last week chronicling our time at the elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. As always, head/earphones give the best experience, especially if you want to hear the monkeys. 0:00 A wild goose chase 0:23 Cutting sugarcane in the fields with a machete 0:34 Chitchat in the outdoor kitchen 1:03 […]

Sounds of This Place: Thailand

Going from noisy to quiet, you’ll hear a Muay Thai boxing match, the drone of a 4-stroke walk-behind tractor used to prep the rice fields, and monks chanting (sorry it’s quiet but I recorded it from outside the temple).

Sounds of This Place: South Korea

  Now that you’ve listened, did you notice… At 0:26 – how quiet Koreans are in the metro? That’s a popular metro stop in a city of 10 Million people… At 1:04, 1:16, and 1:30 – deep in the forest, the gongs from the Buddhist temple a few kilometers away? (You might need headphones to hear those.) […]

Sounds of This Place: the African Bush

Quick, run and get a headset.  This one is almost impossible to hear using my laptop speakers but even cheapie earphones work pretty well. It’s taken more than a year to collect the following recordings; I don’t know why the animals don’t speak on command….  Much of the recordings were taken from our tent in the […]