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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

It seems to me that everyone in the developing world is an entrepreneur. Even in the US and Europe, working for an employer in a corporation is a relatively new invention, and most people in SE Asia and Africa, with the exception of desk jockeys (and even then we still met lots of those who […]

Photo Gallery: Northern Vietnam

KC and I were joined in early January by our friend, Marie, a middle school science teacher from Oregon who is also¬† globe-trotting and has been terrorizing tweens with the scientific method in a prestigious Seoul international school for the past 3 years. Sa Pa Gallery We headed north to trek for 3 days in […]

Side trip: Southwest Korea

Korea’s collection of free museums includes a maritime museum in the far southwest corner of the peninsula, and when we read that it holds not one, but two! shipwrecks, each over 1,000 years old, excavated from the sea floor and transported to the city of Mokpo, we were on the first train out of Seoul. […]

Why We’re Jazzed About Inner-City Johannesburg

In our travels, KC and I often avoid big cities. After skirting around Johannesburg, southern Africa’s biggest city, for more than a year, we decided to check it out before we left Africa. Most tourists flock to the high-end malls of Sandton, a suburb on the city’s north side, but for several years we’ve been […]

Video Essay: Our Final (for now) Safari

After 14 months in southern Africa, we took two final short safaris which contrasted nicely: a luxury lodge in the flooding Okavango Delta and a 4×4 camping trip to the arid Central Kalahari Game Reserve, both in Botswana. The video is 12 minutes. If you’re short on time, skip to the last 3 minutes!