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A Glimpse of Medical Tourism in Vietnam

KC and I have managed to stay healthy (knock on wood) these past 2+ years, but we’ve needed to see a few doctors along the way: a yellow fever shot required to get in and out of Zambia; a crown to replace an old filling… that sort of thing. KC had an old hernia injury […]

La Casa: Seoul, Korea

Where: Gangnam Co-op Residences (aka Stay 7 Serviced Residences or Seocho Co-op Residence), Seoul, Korea When: April – June, 2014 Why: Our good friend, Marie, has been living in Seoul for a couple of years.  We couldn’t be this close and not spend time near her! Where within Seoul: Seocho (near Gangnam District ,the new-money, posh […]

La Casa: Swakopmund, Namibia (Sandcastle Apartments)

Where: Sandcastle Apartments, Swakopmund, Namibia When: November – December 2013 Why: No particular reason except that Namibia has a reputation for vastness, beauty, silence, and solitude. Where within Namibia: Swakopmund is a coastal tourist town on the Atlantic Ocean, a former German colonial city. It seemed preferable to the capital of Windhoek for no other […]

The Nomads’ To Do List

A few months ago, while Skyping with my sister, Danielle, I commented that it was time to move to a new country within a few weeks, so we were busy prepping for it. She asked, genuinely curious, “So what does that mean? I assume you each have one backpack, so you pack it up and […]

Sticky Fingers

We dodged a bullet….figuratively….of course…after all, we are not in Syria, Nairobi, or for that matter the U.S.  We were reminded, however, of the importance of practicing the AAA’s for traveling self-insurance:  Aware, Alert, & Action.  First, always try to be aware of what’s going on around you.  Second, be alert to odd behavior of […]