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Photo Gallery: Northern Vietnam

KC and I were joined in early January by our friend, Marie, a middle school science teacher from Oregon who is also  globe-trotting and has been terrorizing tweens with the scientific method in a prestigious Seoul international school for the past 3 years. Sa Pa Gallery We headed north to trek for 3 days in […]

Leaving Thailand: What Were We Thinking?!

Leaving Thailand was one of those times when the universe feels like it’s conspiring against us in a new country:  No internet upon our arrival in Indonesia so we were unable to work, disabled ATM cards in the midst of a long bank holiday back home and no option to unfreeze them, a wallet accidentally locked […]

Side trip: Southwest Korea

Korea’s collection of free museums includes a maritime museum in the far southwest corner of the peninsula, and when we read that it holds not one, but two! shipwrecks, each over 1,000 years old, excavated from the sea floor and transported to the city of Mokpo, we were on the first train out of Seoul. […]

[Rock] Art History 101

[Knock,knock] I’m feeling shy because the ladies in the gift shop directed me to this office to ask about the Apollo 11 cave; when I arrived at the closed door, the door plaque stated “Park Director!”  From within I hear “who’s there?” Actually, I don’t but I do hear a muffled reply which I take to […]

The Sheltering Desert

Moving from South Africa to Namibia earlier in November, we traveled alone through the southern expanses of the 1,200-mile-long Namib Desert, the oldest desert on the planet.  Every guide book repeats descriptors such as vast, scorching, silent, harsh, brutal, stunning…  I’ve been trying to write about southern Namibia without the over-used hyperbole, but whew! It’s hard, […]