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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, or: How Italy Turned Me Into a History Geek

I admit I was rather take-it-or-leave-it about going to Florence.  I’d passed through the city on my first trip to Europe on a EurRail pass almost 20 years ago: 8 countries in 6 weeks.  It’s a wonder I remember anything at all of those 48 hours, but I did see The David. And the other David.  […]

Tip #746 for buying airline tickets: check the currency BEFORE you pay

A few weeks ago we bought tickets to South Africa (yay!!! finally!!!).  Prices had been shown on the website in South African Rand, which we knew to be about 8:1. When we finished and the final receipt showed up, it read that we’d just paid “4,860 AED.” Huh?!  What’s an AED???  And how many dollars […]

Six-Word Story, 11/28/12

The Arno has standing waves tonight.

Our next vacation, I want to sit on a sidewalk café in Europe!

In 2010, KC and I spent a month in Venezuela, one of the best trips of my life.  Eleven of the days we spent in Venezuela were in dugout canoes, traveling up and down 5 different rivers deep in the jungle, leaving canoes tied to a tree for someone to retrieve months later when the […]

Ohio: Ahead of its time (or, Food Festivals in Italy)

Italy in the fall is known for food festivals.  Ken and I were anxious to attend one or two, especially since Tuscany seems to love wild mushrooms as much as Oregonians.  (And we missed chanterelle season!) We made some half-hearted attempts to look some up when we transferred from northern Italy to Florence, thinking we […]