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Leaving Thailand: What Were We Thinking?!

Leaving Thailand was one of those times when the universe feels like it’s conspiring against us in a new country:  No internet upon our arrival in Indonesia so we were unable to work, disabled ATM cards in the midst of a long bank holiday back home and no option to unfreeze them, a wallet accidentally locked […]

No Soup for You! A Trip to the Turkish Post Office

As soon as Hope mentioned it, I knew she was on to something.  We were sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Florence talking about the deliciousness that is Italy, and she commented that many typical items in the grocery store are worth sending home as souvenirs because they’re unique, tasty, and easy to ship. I […]

Ohio: Ahead of its time (or, Food Festivals in Italy)

Italy in the fall is known for food festivals.  Ken and I were anxious to attend one or two, especially since Tuscany seems to love wild mushrooms as much as Oregonians.  (And we missed chanterelle season!) We made some half-hearted attempts to look some up when we transferred from northern Italy to Florence, thinking we […]

Six Word Story, 11/18/12

Didn’t know I’d miss ginger so.

Lampredotto- the sandwich unique to Florence

Lampredotto is a sandwich unique to Florence.  Having been a seller of sandwiches, this piqued my curiosity.  I learned of this bovine sandwich whilst perusing Secret Florence, a great guide book about the local lore of this town.  It speaks of things you won’t hear from tour guides.  For example, there is a relief of an […]