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An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama: On September 25, 2014 the day after you addressed the United Nations General Assembly, I read a transcript and this caught my eye: “If we lift our eyes beyond our borders – if we think globally and act co-operatively – we can shape the course of this century as our predecessors shaped […]

Sounds of This Place: Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

Here’s a companion piece to KC’s journal entry last week chronicling our time at the elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. As always, head/earphones give the best experience, especially if you want to hear the monkeys. 0:00 A wild goose chase 0:23 Cutting sugarcane in the fields with a machete 0:34 Chitchat in the outdoor kitchen 1:03 […]

Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

The following blog is about the week Bobbi and I volunteered at the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia (ESC). The Sanctuary is funded under Save Elephant Foundation based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  With the exception of the introduction the blog is in the form of a daily journal. The journal is a compilation of six days compressed into three days. The […]