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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

It seems to me that everyone in the developing world is an entrepreneur. Even in the US and Europe, working for an employer in a corporation is a relatively new invention, and most people in SE Asia and Africa, with the exception of desk jockeys (and even then we still met lots of those who […]

Why We’re Jazzed About Inner-City Johannesburg

In our travels, KC and I often avoid big cities. After skirting around Johannesburg, southern Africa’s biggest city, for more than a year, we decided to check it out before we left Africa. Most tourists flock to the high-end malls of Sandton, a suburb on the city’s north side, but for several years we’ve been […]

Sounds of This Place: the African Bush

Quick, run and get a headset.  This one is almost impossible to hear using my laptop speakers but even cheapie earphones work pretty well. It’s taken more than a year to collect the following recordings; I don’t know why the animals don’t speak on command….  Much of the recordings were taken from our tent in the […]

[Rock] Art History 101

[Knock,knock] I’m feeling shy because the ladies in the gift shop directed me to this office to ask about the Apollo 11 cave; when I arrived at the closed door, the door plaque stated “Park Director!”  From within I hear “who’s there?” Actually, I don’t but I do hear a muffled reply which I take to […]

The Dastardly Dassie

There’s a furry little creature, ubiquitous throughout southern Africa, named procavia capensis.  Some call it the Rock Hyrax or Rock Dassie, but we call it the Dastardly Dassie.  We’ve seen dassies on the southern coast of South Africa where waves crash and coastal grasses sway knee-high.  We’ve seen them in deep canyons living in crevices on […]