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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

It seems to me that everyone in the developing world is an entrepreneur. Even in the US and Europe, working for an employer in a corporation is a relatively new invention, and most people in SE Asia and Africa, with the exception of desk jockeys (and even then we still met lots of those who […]

Traveling Like a VIP

“Bandar Sri Indah?” We poked our head into the doorway of a midsized bus, careful to avoid inhaling the sooty black emissions drifting toward us from the rear. We’d just flagged the bus… actually, we’d just flagged 5 buses… to ask whether it was going our way. And like the others before him, this driver […]

Sounds of This Place: the African Bush

Quick, run and get a headset.  This one is almost impossible to hear using my laptop speakers but even cheapie earphones work pretty well. It’s taken more than a year to collect the following recordings; I don’t know why the animals don’t speak on command….  Much of the recordings were taken from our tent in the […]

[Rock] Art History 101

[Knock,knock] I’m feeling shy because the ladies in the gift shop directed me to this office to ask about the Apollo 11 cave; when I arrived at the closed door, the door plaque stated “Park Director!”  From within I hear “who’s there?” Actually, I don’t but I do hear a muffled reply which I take to […]

Sounds of This Place: Swakopmund, Namibia

We happened upon a local church choir giving a free performance in a city plaza last weekend.  I didn’t have my iPod with me for the usual recording, but I didn’t think you’d mind some video accompaniment.  Merry Christmas! (Now who can name the tune of the song in English?  It’s driving me crazy…)