September 2012: Venice, Italy

Date Amount Details Category
9/6/2012 40.00 €     Dinner Pizzaria Eating out
9/6/2012 184.00 €  Hotel-(2 nights) Nh Laguna Palace (4 star):  Complimentary Breakfast buffet Lodging
9/6/2012 36.00 €  Taxi from Venice airport (Marco Polo) to   hotel: $30E + tip($6E). (15 Euro person- Very $$$ for a 6 mile cab ride)   **ATTN: this cabbie hustled us- the total fare should have been 18 euros.  He charged the gulible tourists 2x- but we   were fresh off the boat, so to speak–Always ask how much the fare will be   before getting in. Transportation
9/7/2012 60.00 €  Dinner Venice- outside along canal: ambience   perfecto. Eating out
9/7/2012 2.40 €  Bus to Venice- Free on way over- driver did   not want our money…said something about “fini,” which we took to   mean pay at end, but at the end he just opened the doors and we all exited.  $2.40 on way back, but only b/c we   purchased our tix at the bus ticket window (Biggliotte)…it could have been   free- driver did not care if we had tix. Transportation
Eating Out 100.00 €
Internet Access
Lodging € 184.00
Personal Expenses
Transportation € 38.40
Grand Total Venice 322.40 € $418.00

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