People don’t like to talk about $$, or rather their money.  Spending habits are an insight into peoples’ private lives, and therefore breaches privacy boundaries.

All humanity and every culture has certain economic and social heirarchies. Social status is most often tied to economic status. Nobody wants anybody to know how poor they are, or on the flipside most people don’t want to appear ostentacious. Money, however, makes the world go round. It’s universal.

We decided to share our finances with the world because we think the information may be useful for those considering slow travel, gap year travel, or simply vacation travel. Our research on travel blogs, has thus far resulted in limited information about specific day-to-day living expenses. We were certainly curious when we first hatched our slow travel plans; the first question being…Can we afford it?  One of the few nuggets of general monetary information we found was a blogger who wrote: “Bring half the clothes and twice the money.”  Since we don’t have twice the money, time will tell whether we can sustain this lifestyle.

Perhaps, the lack of information about travel spending is because nobody finds it interesting.  At the very least, however, certain opinions will be formed about our spending habits. Maybe you will think we live high on the hog….maybe you will wonder how we can survive on the cheap…..it’s all a matter of your personal perspective.  Our budget is what it is.  Sometimes we will be spendthrifts, other times frugal. It’s how we live…its probably how most everybody lives.

The budget that we present is raw; with time and with your comments and suggestions, it will hopefully evolve. Initially, however, it is a simple daily log of our specific expenditures. We won’t bore you with details about certain specifics, such as our particular grocery purchases….though cookies may be considered a constant. We do hope to include side notes regarding spending options. For example, the cost of a taxi versus a bus versus a train and the pros and cons of each. We might also share our logic into why we made a certain choice, though that risks delving into a diary of madness.

Finally, our budget only includes the money we have spent while traveling. It does not include our existing fixed costs back home, such as our mortgage, or healthcare, or other long term payments.  This information would not be relevant for those considering extended travel, since everyone has their own monetary baggage and must factor in those fixed costs accordingly.

So…..throwing discretion to the wind, we present to you our budget:

September 2012: Venice, Italy October 2013: Haenertsburg, SA
September 2012: Corvara, Italy November 2013: Trip from South Africa thru Kgaligadi-Namibia
October 2012: Florence, Italy  November 2013: Swakopmund, Namibia
November 2012, Florence, Italy December 2013: Caprivi Strip, Namibia
December 2012: Rome, Italy  January 2014: Maun, Botswana
December 2012: Istanbul, Turkey  April 2014: Seoul, Korea
December 2012: Ephesus, Turkey  May 2014: Seoul, Korea
January 2013: Cappadocia, Turkey  June 2014: Seoul, Korea
January 2013: Cairo, Egypt  July 2014: Phuket, Thailand
April/May 2013: Cape Town, SA  July 2014: Chiang Mai, Thailand
May/June 2013: Haenertsburg, SA  July 2014: Pai, Thailand
July 2013: Haenertsburg/Hermanus, SA  August 2014: Seim Reap, Cambodia
August 2013: Hermanus/ Haenertsburg/Kruger Nat’l Park September 2014: Canggu, Bali
September 2013: Haenertsburg & Zimbabwe  October 2014: Tawau, Borneo
 November 2014: Da Lat, Vietnam  Nov. 2014: Dirtbag surf trip Bali



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