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Where are Your Manners?

“Where are your manners?….Were you born in a barn?!”   Apparently in Asia people would have thought I was. Some things are done a bit differently over here and even though I thought I was being perfectly mannered (Yes Mother, I was paying attention all those years,) certain western etiquette flies in the face of Southeast […]

The Anti-Chaos Caped Crusader

What happens when KC is cut loose from Bobbi?……Well, it seems the “travel fates” got wind of our temporary separation and threw a little chaos my way. Is it just me? Perhaps Bobbi is, in fact, an anti-chaos caped crusader who keeps craziness at bay to ensure smooth travel. Her superpowers had worked up to […]

Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia

The following blog is about the week Bobbi and I volunteered at the Elephant Sanctuary Cambodia (ESC). The Sanctuary is funded under Save Elephant Foundation based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  With the exception of the introduction the blog is in the form of a daily journal. The journal is a compilation of six days compressed into three days. The […]

Lantern Festival

Last weekend we attended the annual Lantern Festival in Seoul.  It is held in celebration of  Buddha’s birthday. The lanterns are made of paper. The photos speak for themselves.

Seoul Power; Initial Impressions

    Seoul is the opposite of Cairo. As you recall, we found Cairo to be rather chaotic [ Chaos in Cairo].  Seoul is not chaotic; even the fish market is organized and calm. The only semblance of chaos was found yesterday in Noodle Row in Namdaemun Market. [link:  It was here that we stepped off […]