Sounds of This Place: Bali

On his way home from surfing one day, KC switched on his recorder as a funeral procession passed on the street.  This quote from Desmond Slade, a South African expat living in Bali, discusses the recurrent ceremonies on Bali:

Visitors may be perplexed by the numerous street processions and the little offerings left at seemingly random places. Don’t be. Balinese have been carrying out their colourful ceremonies and customs without inconvenience to anyone for a long time. They are a rather passive race with a very active religion that encompasses everything the Balinese do; sometimes quietly, often very noisily.

I think this recording demonstrates this concept nicely… I’ll just let it run unedited but within 10 seconds you’ll have the idea of what Balinese streets sound like if you’re caught behind a procession or walking past a temple on any given day.  It’s not too unlike a funeral procession in New Orleans, actually!


  1. . . our son is a sound/recording engineer and musician – he would record the sounds of various muazzin calling to prayer – gawd knows where they ended up!

    1. If you ever run across them I would be thrilled for a guest post! My muazzin recordings are awful but they still bring back memories…

  2. Cheery sounds. Makes you want to join in!

    1. Agreed… the Balinese can make even a funeral sound fun.

  3. I close my eyes and think about walking behind the procession. What fun that would be!

    1. You would be expected to carry a basket of fruit on your head! :o)

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