Sounds of This Place: Thailand

Going from noisy to quiet, you’ll hear a Muay Thai boxing match, the drone of a 4-stroke walk-behind tractor used to prep the rice fields, and monks chanting (sorry it’s quiet but I recorded it from outside the temple).

Courtesy of

We saw lots of novice monks all over Thailand. Some families support their sons financially, but in a country with high poverty, it’s often a way for boys to be fed and educated when their families might otherwise struggle to care for them or even when they are orphaned. Novice monks cannot be ordained until the age of 20 and many novices, armed with a good education, leave the monastery to lead secular lives as adults. Photo courtesy of


  1. . . ha! I’ll settle for the monks or the quiet of Okcular πŸ™‚ very evocative though.

    1. Agreed… Asia can produce quite a cacophany, we’re learning…

  2. love hearing about your adventures! can’t wait for more πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you enjoyed it… and enjoying your own life of travel. Thanks for the comment.

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