Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sounds of This Place: Swakopmund, Namibia

We happened upon a local church choir giving a free performance in a city plaza last weekend.  I didn’t have my iPod with me for the usual recording, but I didn’t think you’d mind some video accompaniment.  Merry Christmas! (Now who can name the tune of the song in English?  It’s driving me crazy…) Advertisements

The Dastardly Dassie

There’s a furry little creature, ubiquitous throughout southern Africa, named procavia capensis.  Some call it the Rock Hyrax or Rock Dassie, but we call it the Dastardly Dassie.  We’ve seen dassies on the southern coast of South Africa where waves crash and coastal grasses sway knee-high.  We’ve seen them in deep canyons living in crevices on […]

The Sheltering Desert

Moving from South Africa to Namibia earlier in November, we traveled alone through the southern expanses of the 1,200-mile-long Namib Desert, the oldest desert on the planet.  Every guide book repeats descriptors such as vast, scorching, silent, harsh, brutal, stunning…  I’ve been trying to write about southern Namibia without the over-used hyperbole, but whew! It’s hard, […]