Photo Gallery: Camping, South African Style

As you read this, we are enroute to Namibia, the next country in our nomadic venturing.  It seems fitting to bid South Africa farewell in a tribute to her overlanders with whom we’ve spent so much time.

South African “overlanders” (campers/RV’ers/caravaners) go to one extreme or the other in their caravans: they either drop their tire pressure, fill extra jerry cans with petrol, and drive their rigs or tow their trailers into remote, dangerous, inhospitable terrain and see how many times they can get stuck, or they pack like sardines into campgrounds that provide DSTV connections, instant hot water dispensers and bathtubs, not showers. Either way, once they arrive, the routine is the same: they camp in style!

All photos without a “courtesy” tag line are ours.  The rest are the result of a fun evening of google searching!


  1. So true… as one who spent the first 20 years of my life camping – first in tents, then folding caravans (popups) then the luxury of a proper caravan like the one with the “beer fridge”. Our elaborate breakfasts, braais, and coffee with condensed milk are happy memories – plus the “ablution blocks” with enormous baths, and laundry tubs. Standing in line waiting for a bath or loo was the place to make friends. Happy safe travels.
    BTW – we had a blast in Ireland and Danielle was invaluable. She was chief head counter and without her I would definitely have “lost” a few along the way.

    1. Thanks for sharing the memories; sounds like you can relate to our journeys quite well! We just learned about the coffee with condensed milk a few weeks ago… I can’t recall what they call it, though??
      (D was still on Cloud 9 when I talked to her, mumbling something about maybe Clare & Dezy should start a commune…)

  2. . . very serious business, then?

    1. You have to love a country that takes its “recreation” so seriously!

  3. The river crossing reminds me of the pioneer days! Not that I lived then but I’ve read about how they crossed rivers to get West. Have fun! I am not a camper, though I’ve gone!

    1. Yeah, I love that one! And to think I get a little nervous when we have to cross a tiny little stream… ;o)

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