Monthly Archives: October 2013

Sticky Fingers

We dodged a bullet….figuratively….of course…after all, we are not in Syria, Nairobi, or for that matter the U.S.  We were reminded, however, of the importance of practicing the AAA’s for traveling self-insurance:  Aware, Alert, & Action.  First, always try to be aware of what’s going on around you.  Second, be alert to odd behavior of […]

Elephant Breath and Other Reasons to Visit Zimbabwe

A great CRAAAACK! in my subconscious woke me with a start. I sensed, rather than felt, KC sitting up beside me in the blackness; he leaned close and I had to strain to hear him whisper into my ear, “He just pushed over a tree. Do you want to get in the car?” I took […]

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

This is Bob’s country. “Please tell your friends to come to Zimbabwe.”  We heard this several times from Zimbabweans, and after our three (3) day visit we will spread the word.  It is time.  Zimbabwe is ready and welcoming. The first stop on our tour were the Great Zimbabwe Ruins.  They are fascinating and unique […]

Surviving the Dreaded Beitbridge Border Crossing

Warning to our regular readers: this is another one of those “logistics” posts that we hope other travelers will find helpful.  We won’t fault you for waiting for our next post on the ruins and national park we visited as part of this trip into Zimbabwe! For days we’ve been a little edgy as we […]