La Casa: Hermanus, South Africa (house-sitting assignment)

Where: Pet-sitting in Hermanus, South Africa  (75 miles / 120 km from Cape Town)

When: July 2013

How we found it: Several months ago we joined a few house-sitting websites, including HouseCarers; they generally act as a social media-type of site matching house-sitters with home owners.  We update our profile with our country of location so that we will receive email notices when someone is seeking house-sitters in our country.  (For example, I’ve updated our profiles to show that we will be available for house-sits in Namibia between November 2013 and March 2014.  If anyone from Namibia posts an inquiry for housesitters during that time period, I’ll receive an email and we can decide whether to apply.)

How much: Free (except for the $50 annual membership fee to, but we are responsible for feeding the gardener and housekeeper (once per week), and we have 3 pets to care for.

Pros: Lovely home in a major seaside destination, and it’s fun to have pets again, even for a short while!

Cons: No exploring outside of a day trip for a few hours, home in time to feed the pack.

Missy and MacTavish keep warm by the wood stove


  1. Marilyn · · Reply

    Kit & Pup are livin’ life right…by the warmth of the stove! You too?
    Where is Pet #3?

    1. He’s a 3-year-old Boer Bull (South African breed) who looks like a cross between a lab and a mastiff, and has the energy of three of each of those. Needless to say, photos of Hutch have been elusive!

      Sent from my iPod

  2. Danielle · · Reply

    You can house sit here, for free, anytime, whether we’re home or not!

    1. One word: Yaaaaaaaaam-hil. :o)

  3. Hi Bobbi, exploring the blog, before falling into the bath and then bed,, pooped.
    Thanks for the time spent helping me set up a blog.
    PS: You left the book behind, will pop it over before you go

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