Monthly Archives: June 2013

Game Park Review: Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site

One of the great things about our current location is its proximity to South Africa’s flagship national park, Kruger (or, as South Africans call it, “The” Kruger).  But June 15 begins a month-long school break and I’ve heard the traffic jams at a lion sighting can put a Hong Kong pileup to shame, so it seemed […]

Visa Extension – Four trips and good coffee

The decision was made. We had just secured a seven month house sitting gig in Haenertsburg, South Africa. Haenertsburg is a charming little mountain town in the Limpopo region of northeast South Africa. Of note, Haenertsburg is also less than two hours from Kruger National Park, where we plan to make numerous excursions. In making this […]

How Slow Can You Go? Telecommuting from Africa

Here’s an informational post for readers who may be considering a trip abroad where they want to stay in touch with work. Last week, I stumbled across an article on BBC’s news site describing a new method of data transfer that will allow Internet speeds as fast as 400,000 Mbps (4 Gbps).  I almost cried. Do […]

Brangelina We Are Not

The three of us lingered around the dining room table after we could eat no more; it had been the best home-cooked meal KC and I had eaten in months.  Hours after the dishes were cleared away, we were still nursing a final beer and hashing over some fine details in Mzu’s business plan when he got […]