Campfire Tour of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

It’s been awhile, I know. Two factors: this post took more than a month to create in our spare time, and internet access is very expensive in South Africa ($14-$19 per Gb) so we’ve been limiting ourselves to using the internet for work as much as possible.

Without further delay, here’s a twist on our usual entry: our first multimedia blog post!

When planning our trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, we were stymied on a few topics, mostly revolving around whether two novice 4×4’ers had any business driving through the remote sections of this park alone and unsupported. When I eventually found my way to a 4×4 discussion forum (the only site to discuss the lesser known Botswana side of this cross-border park), it was clear the forum members had much more wilderness driving experience than us, so we weren’t comfortable that we were on the same page as them when they said the tracks were manageable.

What we needed were photos of the road conditions to be able to evaluate for ourselves. Without those, we resorted to scrutinizing videos of animal sightings, ignoring the lions and meerkats, and fast-forwarding to catch a glimpse of the depth of a sand track or the corrugations in a gravel road.

Eventually we decided to go for it, and periodically along the way we took photos or shot video of the road conditions. As I’ve been wanting to copy a friend’s habit of taking her blog readers on virtual tours of museums or her running routes in fall colors, this seemed like a good way to share road conditions and campsite facilities with other travelers as well as to share a one-of-a-kind park with our family and friends.

Enjoy the tour!


  1. Sally · · Reply

    Fabulous, Fabulous! Your multimedia blog is terrific and I so enjoyed every minute of it. Almost like being there with you both and it was wonderful to hear your voices and see the great photos. Now I’m spoiled and look forward to more!

    1. Oh, yay! Thanks for watching so soon! (But don’t get hooked… WHEW, it was a lot of work!) Fun to learn something new with the audio editing software (removing the umms and rambling bits), though. And gratifying to share it with you, such an appreciative audience. :o)

  2. Teresa · · Reply

    So nice to hear your voices!!! Really enjoyed the video!!!

    1. Glad YOU enjoyed hearing the voices… I really had to “get over it” about hearing my own voice! :o)

  3. What a fabulous show! Thank you for the tour.

    1. You’re quite welcome. We hope to go back (another attempt for the black-maned lions) in January…

  4. We love it! We’re putting SXA on the market tomorrow and will be joining you as soon as it sells.

    1. Mean. Just plain mean.

  5. Karen Locke · · Reply

    Hi Bobbi and Ken, don’t check FB often but timed this one just right! Great video. Wish we could join you.

    1. Karen, you have no idea how often I think of you, Melissa, Kayleen, Debbie, Danielle… wishing my girl-travel partners could share some of these experiences with me! NOT that KC isn’t the world’s best travel partner, of course! ;o) If you and the boys get the urge to see some elephants, you know where to find us…

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