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Sounds of This Place: Botswana

This one is short and simple; I hope you enjoy this recording from our time in a peaceful and relaxed country. Click here to listen.  [or go to audio ] Advertisements

Buying a car in Botswana…clean one’s a’s a steal

Hands clammy; beads of perspiration dampening my shirt; heart randomly jolted by shallow stabs of adrenalin, I sit and wait my turn. My number is called.  I step up to the window.  It all comes down to this moment.  Months of research, destinations rearranged, chances taken, future plans teetering on the edge of oblivion.  It […]

Letter from a Jilted Lover

[Dedicated to KC, who insisted on bringing a backup laptop even when I laughed at him, and Daisy, who’s been appropriately sympathetic over the past 3 months.] Blip bleep bloop. What’s the scoop? Haven’t I treated you right? Even bought you extra gigabytes. Then just when warranty expired, Your motherboard got tired. I had hoped […]