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Did you know you already speak Turkish?

It’s true!  Take this quiz and you’ll agree: you’re already practically fluent. IMPORTANT: To avoid cheating on the quiz, go to the slideshow below and stop the slideshow from cycling automatically. (You can do this by hovering and clicking the pause button in the center. Go do it now, then come back here to keep […]

No Soup for You! A Trip to the Turkish Post Office

As soon as Hope mentioned it, I knew she was on to something.  We were sitting in a Chinese restaurant in Florence talking about the deliciousness that is Italy, and she commented that many typical items in the grocery store are worth sending home as souvenirs because they’re unique, tasty, and easy to ship. I […]

Sounds of This Place: Istanbul

Compared to our prior recordings (Venice, the Dolomites, or Florence), I notice a difference in the style and feeling in this recording of Istanbuls’s sounds.  Partly, this is because we’re in a big city of 12 million people (not my favorite size for cities, I confess); and partly, Istanbul is more “foreign” than the other places […]

La Casa: Istanbul, Turkey (Home Point Property Management)

Where: The White House Apartment building, Beyoglu – Istanbul, Turkey When: December 2012 – January 2013 Why: When our tourists visas for the European Union (actually, the Schengen zone) expired, we weren’t ready to go to Africa yet because the holidays were making housing difficult. Flights were very inexpensive to Istanbul, and KC has always […]