Six-Word Story Dec 27, 2012

Ken’s jogging fascinated the little boys.


  1. How does he jog???

    1. Hahaha! Although KC says I should refer you to the Monty Python skit, “Ministry of Silly Walks,” it’s actually just that he was running steps in a park after school and a gang of little boys started following him and he raced one of them up the steps. (I haven’t seen many people jogging in Turkey so it may have seemed strange to them.) Then he went to the exercise equipment and it was pretty cute – you know those outdoor exercise areas in parks? He did about 20 situps and the gang kept getting bigger. Then the teenagers got curious and then the security guard showed up. They wanted to know our names and where we were from, and it was quite a party, all while KC’s doing his situps. When he finished of course the bravest little boy (the one who raced him) got on the equipment but only managed 4 situps, which really made the other kids go crazy. :o)

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