Tip #746 for buying airline tickets: check the currency BEFORE you pay

A few weeks ago we bought tickets to South Africa (yay!!! finally!!!).  Prices had been shown on the website in South African Rand, which we knew to be about 8:1.

When we finished and the final receipt showed up, it read that we’d just paid “4,860 AED.”

Huh?!  What’s an AED???  And how many dollars is that ?!

Panicpanicpanicpanic…   Where’s the currency converter… come ON internet…What’s an AED…

United Arab Emirates Dirhams… Hmmm…

Whewwww.  I may never understand what just happened but it’s the same price as we thought.

In the meantime, Ken ran out dumpster-diving and found this TV in case we needed to hock it to pay for the plane tickets.

I cannot take this guy anywhere...

I cannot take this guy anywhere…


  1. This gave me heart palpitations just reading it. So glad you came out square – that’s an unusual outcome!
    Happy travels.

  2. Thanks for my best laugh of the day…picturing Ken head first in that dumpster!

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