More public art

Marble cross in Piazza Santa Croce

As part of a bi-annual public art exhibit, a huge marble cross has stretched itself out in front of Santa Croce, right behind our apartment.  It sprang up overnight last weekend and I walked into the plaza to find this transformation Saturday morning.  It was early, and quiet.  The few people who were there wandered among the huge marble blocks silently, like it was a place of meditation, and indeed it felt that way with the field of white stones, as if I’d tripped off the sidewalk and landed in the Antarctic desert.

When KC and I came back later in the afternoon, though, it had become a completely different piece of public art. This is what makes public art so cool – check out the interaction going on in this video from the national newspaper.

Elsewhere around Florence there are other exhibits (the Duomo Plaza is now an olive grove) and free lectures for this week-long event.

One comment

  1. Such fun to get a first hand glimpse of the marble blocks cross and to see the people interacting with the public art. Great photos!

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