Day Trip: Siena

It seems that about every other weekend we’ve been taking a day trip; yesterday we visited Siena*.  It was most interesting for the very different architecture (Medieval) from Florence (Renaissance).  It’s a much smaller city, too, and we both found Siena to be a serene change of page.  The landscape’s different, too: the city sits atop a ridge so it’s quite hilly even within the city.

*SITA bus, 15.60 € roundtrip per person, line 131R (131 “rapid”) took about an hour.


  1. Mickey Mouse, since year 1300 😛

    That last tower is missing it’s Rapunzel.

    1. Haha – took me a second to find Mickey Mouse! KC wanted to climb the tower (no big surprise there) but even though he needs a haircut, it wouldn’t have been Rapunzel-quality.

  2. Wonderful photos and interesting comments of Siena’s architecture and art. Thanks so much for sharing your travels.

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