La Casa: Florence, Italy (Palazzo Benci)

Where: Florence, Italy

When: October – December 2012

Why: Art scene.

How we found it: we joined for $15/year.  It provided us access to better-priced apartments in Florence than if we had gone through a property manager with their fees tacked on.  If we’d gone through a property manager, though, we would have tried this well-organized site called House on Florence.

Street address: Lungarno delle Grazie, 28, Florence, Italy

How much: 950 euros/month (utilities included)

General comments:  We loved this apartment.  The current building went up in the 1800’s, but it sits on a foundation dating to the 14th century.  It’s owned by a couple who keeps it for their “city apartment” so it was nice to be in a place that actually felt like a home with art and personal mementos.  (Now I’m going to be lazy and copy from my online review of the apartment…)  The apartment is perfect for our needs; Pietro (manager) has been very friendly and responsive even for a small request such as a lightbulb. The building is very quiet inside with thick walls; however, voices from the street bouncing up the stone walls can be loud at night even with windows closed. Bed and furniture are very comfortable and cozy with lovely artwork and a very personal feel throughout the apartment. The kitchen could use a better knife but otherwise no complaints.

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  1. Very nice!!!!

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