Sounds of this Place: Florence Street Music Mash-Up

Florence sunset

Music is everywhere in Florence.  From Sunday morning jazz and Tuesday afternoon opera to nightly classical guitarists or flute performances in the Piazza della Signoria, these artists set up anywhere there’s a crowd.  It’s terribly romantic.

I hope you enjoy these 4 minutes of street recordings showcasing a few of our favorite sounds around the city.  Click on the download below to start playing:

And if you have a moment, go back and compare the silence in this 50-second recording from Corvara with the iPod-eating-ewe.


  1. Wonderful sounds. The jazz violinist sounded like Stephane Grapelli, famous in 60s-80s. Also enjoyed the ewe in Corvara. Your blog is super. Thank you.

    1. Glad you are enjoying it, Mary. The jazz trio plays all over town and they are really great. We will buy their CD before we leave, no doubt.

  2. Such fun to hear the street music. Thanks for the recording, Bobbi.

    1. Thanks, Sally. It’s fun to do the recordings; we keep the iPod with us and it’s easy to pull it out and hit “record.” Maybe not the highest quality recordings but it sounds passable enough through my headphones, anyway, plus I rather like the street background noise effect.

  3. […] to our prior recordings (Venice, the Dolomites, or Florence), I notice a difference in the style and feeling in this recording of Istanbuls’s sounds.  […]

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