La Casa: Corvara in Badia, Italy (Garni Karin)

Where: Garni Karin, Corvara in Badia, Italy

When: September 2012

Our view as we drove into town on our day of arrival

Why: KC’s wanted to climb the Via Ferrata (“Iron Route”) through the Dolimites for a long time.  I’ll ask him to make a  Fia Ferrata post for beautiful photos, and maybe he’ll include some details for other climbers.  Corvara has 3 of the routes within walking distance of the town.

How we found it: We surfed around for apartments in Corvara.  Eventually we landed upon the webpage for the regional tourism office ( and found both apartments through this valuable site.  (Once we arrived, we also found a wonderful English-speaking office in Corvara and the organization also had unstaffed locations in all the other smaller towns.  From 3-D models of the surrounding mountain ranges (helpful to Ken when planning his climbs) to well-organized walking maps and shopping/lodging guides in 6 languages, this organization is one of the best tourist helpers I’ve seen.)

How much: Beyond our planned budget but good for this area: 32 Euros per person per night.

General comments: Karin (like, it seems, most places in Corvara) has a gorgeous ultra-modern spa, open for 2 hours (5 – 7 pm daily), with steam and dry saunas, little fountains or bubbly pools for your feet, and a relaxation room.  Wonderful!  The hosts at Karin spoke enough English to help us get situated but not much more.  The husband and wife (she’s the doctor at the school) live in one of the apartments and were very friendly .


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  2. musiplays · · Reply


    1. It was! And I miss it. I gather we weren’t too far from the area where your parents spend time. Your dad’s chat with Ken was really helpful for practical info on getting around even if it wasn’t the exact town.

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