La Casa: Corvara in Badia, Italy (Apartment Murina)

Where: Apartment Murina, Corvara in Badia, Italy

When: September 2012

View of Sassongher from near our apartments

Why: Ken’s wanted to climb the Via Ferrata (“Iron Route”) through the Dolimites for a long time.  Our first apartment (Garni Karin) closed for the season a week after we arrived, so we moved to the neighbor’s apartments.How we found it: We used the brochure from the regional tourism office (*) then walked next door and asked to see the apartment.

*They also have a wonderful English-speaking office in Corvara and the organization has unstaffed locations in all the other smaller towns.  From 3-D models of the surrounding mountain ranges (helpful to Ken when planning his climbs) to well-organized walking maps and shopping/lodging guides in 6 languages, this organization is one of the best tourist helpers I’ve seen.)

How much: 25 Euros per person per night.  In addition, the owner gave us 6 nights for the price of 7 since it was so late in their tourist season and the town was relatively empty by this time.

General comments: Murina (like Karin) has a gorgeous ultra-modern spa, open for 2 hours (6-8 pm) on Mondays and Thursdays (perhaps this was the off-season schedule?) with steam and dry saunas, little fountains for your feet, an outdoor cold room, and a relaxation room.  The floors and all the seting was heated tile. Wonderful!  Brigitte, our hostess, spoke only a few words of English but she carries her iPhone with her and the translator ready-to-go.  It worked great, and she was very friendly.

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