The yogurt pail

She just couldn’t help herself.  I was impressed that it took as long as it did. But, it had to happen….. I stood at the sink and looked over at the drying rack. There it was, the ½ quart yogurt pail turned upside down, apparently drying. I almost grabbed it and flung it in the recycling bin.  At the last minute I stopped and gave it a second glance. Bobbi had cleaned it.  This could only mean one thing…she had officially acquired her first “leftovers” container.  Bobbi is big on “leftovers” containers.  At home we have Tupperware, Gladware, empty plastic tubs of every size, and lids to match….mostly.  When we had the deli, it was almost sacrilege to throw away empty tubs….we had them stacked to the ceiling.  Like a burr under a saddle, it irritates Bobbi to no end to simply throw away empty containers….not when they could be used again.

I thought those days were behind us. We are on the road- one backpack each; one rolling carry-on each,  one personal item each- Bobbi has a briefcase, and I a small daypack.  Before we left, Bobbi was so excited when we had a huge yard sale and sold all of our little knick-knacks and doo-dads. She continually exclaimed the necessity to not purchase any trinkets on this trip, as we had no way to carry them with us…..and, yet….here lay the yogurt pail.  Like Muddy Waters sang: “it’s in him and its’ just got to come out.” Same for Bobbi- It’s in Bobbi’s nature and it just had to come out. This was a good start to the day, as it caused me to grin.

I naively assumed that the yogurt pail would only be used at our apartment in the Dolomites…. Our departure day arrived with Bobbi coming out of the bathroom quite pleased with herself. Holding up the yogurt pail, she announced that it contained all of her bottled items that might leak as we descended in altitude from the Dolomites and headed into Florence.

We now have two back packs, two rolling carry-ons, two personal items, and……….one yogurt pail.

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  1. musiplays · · Reply

    This has left me in a quandary – it’s a tough call – but many days lie ahead and what other “useful” pieces of packaging are going to be amassed. I have loads of pub coasters – and what for? How often do I drag these treasures around only to toss them in a desperate moment of “moving again” where everything seems too much. Reminds me of my daughter hiking the Colorado mountains and tossing her toothbrush which she swore was adding weight to her backback. I understand.

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