The Eat-Pray-Love Entry

Not too much eating, praying, or loving, I promise… But:

For the moment, life feels like it has less to do with travel and more to do with catching up with myself and with Ken.  Suddenly, I have no more obligations than to get my work done before I go out to explore…  I am intensely aware, each day, that I have shed all of those extra responsibilities I took on without even realizing how much they impacted me.  I’m fairly certain I’m smiling more, and I know I feel happier.  I realized last week that I’ve all but stopped taking power naps, a requirement to make it through the day for the past two years.

That’s not to say that I haven’t enjoyed a couple of good afternoon naps, Italian style! The lunch break here runs from noon to 3 pm, give or take 30 minutes, and in Corvara EVERYTHING closed during those hours.  Florence doesn’t maintain the same schedule, which could make me a little sad but is overall more convenient.

So how DO we spend our days?  We’ve been in Italy almost a month (Florence, less than a week), so we’ve started to estalish a routine:

Work comes first, so I get up between 6-6:30 like I would with any other job, make a cup of tea, and sit down to work.  About 90 minutes later, after having checked email, bank accounts, and Facebook, I’m usually ready for breakfast.  THEN I really do start work!

Around 11 we start thinking about lunch.  One of our goals is to shop daily for fresh foods, and we found an Old World-style market a few blocks from us (you know, the ducks still have their cute feathered little heads attached and the vendors slice off cheese, prosciutto, fruit – anything we look like we could be considering – and offer us samples: “Try it, signora: it’s the best Parmesan in Italy!”), so we walk over to buy whatever looks good, then go home and eat lunch.

Borrowed from until I remember to bring my own camera

San Ambrogio Market

After work,  we’ve been wandering the city while the weather is nice (in the 70’s).  We want to buy a city-wide museum pass, but the lines at the Uffizi are literally hours long, so we need to give up some working time in the morning to arrive before the tour groups just to have a stab at the ticket office.  Today after work we attended an exhibit that stayed open until 7 pm of Da Vinci’s machines built to his specifications.  Yesterday we went to a shop where they were doing a demonstration of the marbling process from the old book-binding days; now they do it for gift-wrap paper and sell it to tourists but it’s no less impressive.

Bowflex has nothing on Da Vinci’s exercise machine

Dinner is late, and we usually have just enough time for a quick trip to the gelateria around the corner or to make a blog post or write a postcard before bed.  Life is simple, very simple, and for that I am truly grateful.

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