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La Casa: Florence, Italy (Palazzo Benci)

Where: Florence, Italy When: October – December 2012 Why: Art scene. How we found it: we joined for $15/year.  It provided us access to better-priced apartments in Florence than if we had gone through a property manager with their fees tacked on.  If we’d gone through a property manager, though, we would have tried this […]

Dead End? … or Stop, Drop and Pray?

Recently there seems to be a new public art installation of sorts happening.  Maybe it’s just graffiti but I like it.  And every few days I find a new one in the neighborhood; see for yourself:  

Six Word Story (10/28/2012) Evening Entertainment

Cobblestones underfoot after opera and symphonies.

Six Word Story (Oct. 28, 2012) Work Breaks

Wander through museums for work breaks

Sounds of this Place: Florence Street Music Mash-Up

Music is everywhere in Florence.  From Sunday morning jazz and Tuesday afternoon opera to nightly classical guitarists or flute performances in the Piazza della Signoria, these artists set up anywhere there’s a crowd.  It’s terribly romantic. I hope you enjoy these 4 minutes of street recordings showcasing a few of our favorite sounds around the city.  Click on […]