Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sounds of This Place: Dolomites

58 seconds from Corvara, the town in northern Italy where we spent our first 3 weeks away from home.  It was as charming as it sounds (even more so since I’m new to audio editing so the file is a little rough). About 10 seconds of church bells from this more-Bavarian-than-Italian region followed by a clip from […]

For my Foodie Friends

Even *I* have to post at least one or two food and wine entries while we’re in ITALY, right? As I told my friend Becky when she asked about the glories of Italian food and wine, we kind of blew our budget on a rental car in order to get further afield into the Dolomites […]

Pardon my Italian… err, German? …err, Ladin?

Call me lazy for not learning more Italian before we arrived, but I can’t get the hang of saying hello around here.  Everyone speaks three languages and they use them interchangeably.  I overhear the cashier greet the person in front of you in Italian, so when it’s my turn, I say “Bon giorno!”  And she […]

Visiting Venice for a Day

We flew into Venice and spent 2 days before heading to our first apartment in the northern mountains. The canals and bridges were as charming as we’d imagined, but San Marco Cathedral was an unexpected pleasant surprise with beautiful mosaics throughout the interior.  We would not have gone inside without the suggestion from Ken’s aunt, […]

Six Word Story of the Day, 9/24/12

After work they walked to Colfasco